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      Laurie Burton

      We have exterior concrete steps covered in paint we’d like to remove. What’s the best method of removal? Are there any good do-it-yourself liquid strippers available?

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      Henry in MI

      There are many paint strippers available. For safety, I suggest Citristrip. Check out their web site for more info at http://www.Citristrip.com.

      The more powerful strippers are methyl cloride based and, while stripping outdoor concrete would seem to be a fairly safe usage for the methyl chloride strippers, you still can have problems with the residue. And I do agree that with some of the paints that could be on concrete stairs methyl chloride based strippers may be about the only solution, I would sure try the Citristrip first. Follow the manufacturers instructions and safety precautions exactly with any of these products. They can be really dangerous.

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      Bill Rumbolz

      A 20 year old house as a 2 step front entrance, walk to cement step to cement porch. The cement step is in good shape but has settled several inches leaving a higher than normal step to the porch level. Would appreciate your suggestions on correcting this without removing the step and remaking it. Is there a metal tread which could be added? Would one layer of bricks on the step hold in place? Your suggestion appreciated.
      Thank you for your opinion. Bill Rumbolz

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      Tim Savoy

      Need help in removing epoxy from concrete slab. Tried scrapers, razor blades, power washer, bix turf job remover from Home Depot for epoxy, etc.

      What will take this stuff up??

      Please help.


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