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      I have a two foot hole in the concrete wall of my unfinished basement. There is exposed dirt in this area. How can we repair it ourselves without calling in an expensive repairman? Also, we need to lay concrete in a small area surrounding an unused septic pipe in order to make it more level for carpet to be laid. Any advice & steps on how this can be done?

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      Tricia, by chance does this 2 ft. hole lead under another part of the house which does not have basement under it? If so, this is a crawlspace access, and should have a cover or door put on it, but not permanently sealed over. This is true whether the hole is square, or a broken out looking hole; sometimes the access was put in after the walls were done, either because it was forgotten, or that it leads to a crawlspace of a later addition.

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      Amy Konopka


      Does anyone have any good resources on how to stain concrete yourself? I am considering doing the first floor of our home in concrete (spanish style home, will be finished June 2003), but I heard you need to have expansion joints, etc. The home is built on a slab so I’ll be walking into the home with a concrete floor already. Any suggestions?


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      ok how do u get a good seal at the seams of a concrete patch ??? please let me know

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