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      We installed a pellet stove in our fireplace last Fall. It is an old house, built in 1917, with a huge concrete fireplace. I would like to face the front of the fireplace with bricks or tiles. I can’t seem to get any Mason to come back after they 1st see it. (“I’ll get back to you in a couple of days with my estimate.”, and then they run like He//! hehe) Would you recommend facing it with thin brick facade or tile? I am at the point where I am willing to try to do it myself.

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      but without seeing it, its hard to say. Not sure that the, what I call Z brick will adhere and stay on that fireplace. Tile, to me would be out of the question.

      Whole brick would be my only alternative, but I would have to think it over if I could afford to loose that much space in the area. Meaning the width of the brick.

      But, if the room is big, then I would just have a mason come in and brick it up and around it. There are also some very pretty rock like flagstone or something like that which could also work.

      Keep trying the masons and find one that will talk to your honestly and talk pros and cons about the job.

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      Dan Cuddeback

      I am making a BeeHive type outside fireplace. My problem is what to use for concrete to form the curved top inside. What would be the proper mix or product. The top is directly over the firepit and the heat will be a factor. Thank you DAN

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      Mahmoud Samy

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