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      diane jones

      what can i paint the concrete block wlls inthe basement with to seal them so i can paint them with a semi-gloss paint

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      Bruce Miller

      Hi Diane:

      Dry-Lok is a compound that applies like paint and will seal poured concrete and cinder block walls for a time, and can be painted over, I believe. Its available at most home improvement centers and paint centers. There are other similar sealants.

      But please keep in mind; this is only a temporary fix. If you have a problem with moisture coming through your cinderblock walls and if you don’t solve the source of the hydrostatic pressure, it will simply be a matter of time before it returns. When we moved in to our present house, the entire basement had just recently had two coats of Dry-Lok applied. Within 2 years it was starting to bubble off in several locations.

      Best wishes

      Bruce M

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      Paul Selles

      I am adding to my outside brick wall and I am having trouble putting the mortar mix inbetween the bricks. How do I keep the mortar to stay on?

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      Saran Wongratana

      Dear Sir,
      i would like to get the weight of hollow concrete block(20 cm high and 40 cm long)which is used to construct building wall. However, if you do not have the weight of this size, please send the weight of other size of concrete block to me by e-mail.
      Thank you very much indeed
      Saran Wongratana

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      Hi we are thinking about buying an older house here in southern california in a mountain area. The house is made out of some type of blocks and I was wondering if anyone knows how safe these types of houses are in regards to earthquakes, etc.

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      I’m having the same problem with leaking and
      would like to know what are your suggestions.
      I would like to stay in my house….

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      lindsay hardin

      My husband and i have purchased a home. the baesement is in ground on the sides and is made intirely of blocks.When it rains there is a half inch of standin water in our basement. there are cracks all over the walls. we are wanting to finish out our basement. any ideas on how to fix the water problem.

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      please send good contactors in san bernardino or riverside. i need a block wall build,and want it build right,thx jess.

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