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      We chose to go with the above type of insulation when we built our new house. We had it blown on the exterior walls and the rafters in our ceiling.

      Some acquaintenances has expressed concern that the house may be wrapped too tight. In other words, can the house breath as it needs to? I don’t know if this will be a problem or not.

      Also, we had two heating/air vents installed in the attic with the thought that this would help the air to circulate. Now we’re being told that those vents could eventually cause a moisture problem due to the house being wrapped as tight as it is. Should we have the vents removed?

      Thank you for any advice that you may offer!

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      What do they mean by the house has to “breath”.

      Usually that means that the house leaks so much air that it runs up utility bills.

      Now with a tight house you might need ventatation systems and ideal a EVR (energy ventalation recovery system).

      But those are CONTROL ventalation has needed. But excess from a pooring constructed house.


      It will take you a while to find the right parts, but it has a ton of information about this.

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