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      Hi all, We have a new house w/lots of marble flooring–I need to know how to clean it and w/what. Also granite countertops? Thanks, Kelly

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      william Castillo

      I would appeciate if you could tell what steps, should I take in cristallizing a marble floor. Also if you could suggest a product to use It will be very helpful. thank you


      William Castillo

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      Ashish Khullar

      Dear friend,

      Please advice me on how to remove the following stains from marble and granite.
      1. Yellow stains on white marble.
      2. Paint stains.
      3. Acid stains.
      4. tea/coffee or wine stains on white marble.

      Looking forward to your reply.


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      How and with what products should I use to clean and sanitize granite coutertops

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      Carol Rainey

      I need some suggestions on what to use to clean my marble floor. I usually use just plain water, but is there something I can add that will cut stains (mostly water)?


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      Clinton Gadson

      I’ve recently purchased a Marble Breakfast table and it has water spots. How can I remove them without damaging the finish? I’ve tried soap and water, but the spots still remain.

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      Pat Carey

      We have a granite countertop that appears to have been stained by coffee that was left overnight. Any cleaning suggestions? Thank You

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      Kimberly Rose

      I have a foyer that is small but with alot of trafic how do you clean it to get back the shine and with what do you clean it with.

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      ur advise is the best. I’ve been asked to clean about a 10’s sq ft exterior granite floor which is very dirty lots of gum, stains fr coffee, drinks, juice and whatever comes down.

      ur advise is appricated.

      respectfully yours, bj

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      Audrey Sharland

      This is probably about a 30 year old sink and countertop in the bathroom but there is 2 or 3 cigarette burns on it I would like to remove does anyone have help for me?

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      John Nassour

      I purchased a table unknowingly, with many water and ring stains. It went unnoticed in the store because there was no light to see all the damage. I would like to keep the table because it is one of a kind, but it needs to be cleaned of all the “water” stains and rings. How can it be removed. Thanks

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      i have granite countertops and around the drop in sink and faucet there is a small amount of hard water build up. (lime and calcium) how do i get this build up off without damaging the granite?

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      Debra Campo

      We have recently purchased a marble top coffee table at an estate sale. The top has what appears to be either paint or nail polish spots on it. How do I clean these spots without damaging the table top surface. Thank You.

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