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      When I came home today half the power was out to my apartment and the other half only showed dimmed lights. If I turn everything off and then try things one by one, they work. But as I try to turn on multiple things (light, tv, ceiling fan) they either work in a diminished capacity or not at all. The only thing that has changed in the last week is that we installed a ceiling fan into a previous light fixture. Tried resetting the circuit breaker but no luck. When I turn on the stove the lights get brighter. I’ve called the landlord, but who knows how quick they will help. Don’t know where to start and am wondering how dangerous this is, since it’s late evening and doubt an electrician could come out this late.

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      What I would do is Back off of the most recient jobs or additions you did.And go from there..

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      LJ in TX

      but I doubt if it will solve your problems. generally if you mess up the fan hookup …it would normally only affect that one circuit not the whole apartment. from your description of symptoms,,,sounds like you have a problem with the power from the power company as it enters your power meter and breaker box. like a bad transformer or something like that. I would check with your neighbors and see if they are not experiencing a similar problem. I am surprise you were able to effectively use your PC to get your message to the fix. it board. for help. good luck and post back with your findings on cause . LJ

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      Gary Henrichs

      Sounds like you ahve blown one phase of your service supply. This usually happens with a fuse panel and not a breaker panel. Not something you want to try and fix yourself. Best to call an electrician.

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      Brian (Tankless) Wood.

      That’s what this sounds like. It could be anywhere from the utlity transformer to your.

      If neighbours have the same problem, it’s at the trans, if not, it’s between your own meter and breaker panel.

      The clue is, that lights get brighter when you turn on a 240v appliance.

      Have the power co check their end first (that’s free), then call an electrician.

      Any bets it’s the neutral ;O)

      It’s getting cooler folks, time to have your furnaces & boilers checked. And PLEASE get a Carbon Monoxide detector.

      G’night all.


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      Looking at your Post again,Brian is correct,and when you say it’s an Apartment notify the Landlord or Management Agent to do the repairs.

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