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      I recently chipped my “Uba Tuba” granite countertop. The chip is
      small but whenever I see it my heart goes out! I saved the piece. It’s about 1/4″
      square. How do I fix it? Do I glue the chip on or polish the dent and live
      with it? Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help.

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      Call a place that is experienced with granite work. I understand that chips can be repaired fairly well with colored epoxys by someone who knows what they are doing. Since you have the chip the repair may be as simple as super glueing in in place. But it’s best to call someone who’s in the business.

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      Chris and David

      We have granite on our kitchen counter tops. We noticed today when wiping the counters off that a chip has occurred in the square edge. We do not have the chip, nor am I sure if came off in one piece. It is about 1/2 x 3/8 of an inch long making the edge nonuniform. It is not real noticable but we don’t want anything else to happen to the granite as a result of this chip. How can we repair the edge? o we need to purchase a sealer for the site?

      Any help in the above situation will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,

      Chris and David Nielubowicz

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      I recently had black granite counters in my kitchen. A friend cleaned the counters with something that left three white spots or scatchs. Can this be buffed out or dyed? Thanks. Edwin.

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