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      I’m not really adding ‘chair molding’, it is just molding. I’m trying to put it up in my bathroom to seperate the two color paints I’ve just put on. My problem is, I can’t figure out how to cut the molding so they fit together in the corners.

      Some info: The corner seems to be on a 95 degree angle. Also, the molding is thinker on the lower part then on the higher part.

      I’ve tried the 45 degree cut and it touchs on the bottom part, but not the top part.

      I must have cut a whole molding strip down by now. Any help would useful.

      Thank you

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      Cut the piece of molding on the first wall at a 90 degree and mount it flat to the wall (this will make the cut square into the corner for that piece). The cut on the second molding piece will have to be “coped”, which means you make an inside mitre cut and then cut away the profile of the molding with a hack saw (you may have to fiddle with this cut for awhile to make it exactly right, but even the pros resort to a bit of sand paper now and then!). The profile of the second piece will then fit snugly onto the face of the first piece in the corner. Here is a web site that shows how to cope a molding piece. Look at figure K. The other reason you want to cope the cut on the molding is that when the molding shrinks over time (and it will), the coped cut does not have the same separated appearance that a 45 degree cut and develop. Have fun. http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/remodeling/article/0,,HGTV_3659_1610068,00.html

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      Moderator, Steve

      but sounds like you are a novice on mitre cuts. If I am correct, I think that the cope method might be more difficult for you.

      I do agree with Jennifer about the butt and cope joining method. I like it and use it where you do have off corners.

      What I would suggest to you is: Use your mitre saw and cut your two 45’s and then tweak only one cut to make it fit. Do not tweak both cuts only one will suffice.

      Sometimes even sand paper or a wood file will adjust one cut to fit properly. You will not get a perfect mitre on something like a 95, but then, that is why spackling or caulk was made. You can use a good spackle to fudge the mitre and it will look fine and only you will know the difference. Everyone uses this now and then.

      Now, there are two types of molding, I do hope that you are not trying to make this molding project with CROWN MOLDING. If you have crown molding, it will never work.

      Good Luck

      and I do appreciate Jennifers answer and I am not belittling her post at all.

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      Ron J.

      If you are cutting 45s and they are only touching at the bottom,then your cut is not at a 90 degree vertical angle. It doesn’t matter what the molding looks like.Steve knows what I’m talking about,maybe he can explain it better. Ron J.

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