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      Bob featured Elon Tile on a recent show. I would like to contact them about a ceramic tile I’m trying to locate but have been unable to find their phone number. If someone could pass they’re phone number on to me, it would be appreciated. Thanks

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      Ronald, I don’t have their phone number, but here’s
      a web site that might help: http://www.louisville-tile.com/elon.html.

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      I am trying to locate this tile that I saw in Lowe’s Complete Kitchen Book on page 72 & 73. The book did not provide any information on where you could purchase this tile from, nor the name of the tile and manufacture. Tile appears to have like a south western feel to include triangle, lines, upside down v, spirals etc. like shapes. the color describe in book is earthy variegated tile that may have some form of texture to it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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