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      Jeri Little

      I have only used my new ceramic “sears” stove top 4 times. I dropped a glasslid on the edge of the top. Not on the surface. I am broken hearted that I have done the damage. It is the first new stove that I have ever had. I am 60 years old. Is there anything that you know of that can repari the black chip on the top? Or do I have to replace the complete too.

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      My wife did a similar thing to our Daughters new stove. The glass lid slid off of the frying pan. (only dropped 2 inches) Not only did it put a chip in the edge of the ceramic top, but the top also has spider web cracks in it. It is a Whirlpool which I believe also makes the Sears Kenmore brand.

      Anyway, after arguing with Whirlpool for some time, they claim it is our fault for letting something “drop” onto the top. I maintain that a cover sliding off of a frying pan is part of normal use, and shouldn’t have cracked the stove top. The bottom line is to replace the top is going to cost $380 FOR THE TOP ONLY. Highway robbery in my opinion.

      I don’t know of any fix for the chip. Perhaps if the chip is not directly over a burner, it could be filled in with a high temperature epoxy. I would give a call to the local Kenmore repair guy to see if it can be fixed.

      Good Luck!


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      Jennifer in KC

      I was reading your very sad story and thinking how fortunate I am that this has not happened to my new glass stovetop. While I cannot offer you any tips on how to repair the damage done to the glass surface of the stovetop, I did want to suggest that you might check with your homeowner’s insurance and see if it might be covered under your policy. If your deductible is less that the replacement, you will be money ahead. Just a suggestion… and I wish you the best of luck.

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      Yes, I have seen this before and all you need to do is go to your local hardware superstore and purchase some high temp epoxy paint. If it is far enough from actual burner, meaning low temp area of surface, then you can even use appliance chip repair epoxy. As long as it is not directly over burner, this will work fine and only costs a couple bucks. Use light coats depending on how deep the chip is, when it is filled completely, let it harden for a week, then you can level it off with a little stove top polish.

      Good luck, Mike


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