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      Anthony Bruno

      My garage floor is constantly turning to dust as I sweep it. I would like to just be able to sweep up
      the dirt. Please advise.

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      A. Bruno

      I have a feeling that the cement used in the floor of my garage was a POOR MIX. when i sweep the floor i get more cement dust than dirt !

      1.) what can i use to seal it ?
      2.) what can i use to give the surface a smooth finish after i seal it ?

      await someones help…


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      orly ventura

      Similar to the subject post by Mr. Anthony Bruno, How can I get rid of the cement dust in my basement? I already wash with water, applied floor wax but, the cement dust comes out everyday.
      I am using my basement with new concrete floors (new construction house) for daily activities.

      I will appreciate very much any immediate recommendation or suggestions.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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