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      I would like to remove the carpeting from my dining room and replace it with tile, haven’t decided what kind yet.
      However the floor under the carpet is very rough, uneven cement. It’s ugly too. I was going to get some of the premixed cement and try to even it out.
      Would anyone have a better suggestion. I’m very green and haven’t got a clue so any advice would be great.
      As a matter anyone are there “how to” videos on cement floors?
      Thanks, have a great day!

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      The house I recently purchased is built on a concrete slab. Not bad I guess if you live in Florida or Mexico, but in Kansas it gets pretty darn cold!

      I had the front entry way tiled with 12 x 12 ceramic tiles. It is beautiful, but boy does it get cold in winter time!

      The kitchen is currently carpeted with a thick pad underneath. I would love to get rid of the carpet and do tile or vinyl…but am concerned about the cold coming up into the room.

      Don’t know where you live, but it’s definitely something to think about…

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      Mr. Sawdust

      just make sure that the floor is good and clan and use a good thick notched trowel. One thing that you MUST know is that you can’t put tile over joints, or the tile will bust.

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      We live in Western Pa. We are going to build a small retirement home. How would we heat a cement floor. We are planning on all electric.

      Thank you

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