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      Jimmy Kollin

      Does anyone have any experience with cement countertops
      that would be helpful to me in this project?

      I’ve heard both good and bad and want helpful hints, if
      anyone has them.

      Has Bob done anything on his show that demonstrates the
      proper technique?

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      Bret Connors

      I am looking for the same info. Has anyone given you any good advice.
      We are considering installing one in our home. We saw a brief article in DO IT YOURSELF magazine, but it did not have much in detail.
      Could you share any info with me?
      Good Luc,


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      Erika Furney

      Please consider doing a show demonstrating how to build a concrete countertop for home renovators.

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      Bob Abbott

      please send me any information you might have

      on making cement countertops. your help would

      be greatly appreciated.


      Bob Abbott

      Total Home Improvement

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      kevin &jackie Drummond

      We are plannning on installing cement countertops but need instructions and info on project. any help would be greatly appreciated

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