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      I’m trying to install a ceiling fans in three rooms, the rooms don’t have any fixtures in them, I’d like to wire it myself without having to tap into the electrical supply outlets, can this be done and how?

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      If you have attic access above the rooms where you wish to install the fans, it should not be too difficult, depending upon your skill level, but I don’t understand your remark about not tapping into the electrical supply. That will have to be done unless you just plan for the fans to just hang as ornaments from the ceiling. Please clarify your issues and we may be able to advise you more.

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      What I mean by not tapping in the supply is that I don’t want to make unneccessary holes in walls or/and ceiling unless I have to. The fan is not for ornament purposes.
      The home of installation has a cathedral ceiling with no attic space, I want to install hugger type simple fans in the kids room but how do I do it. Lighting in the room is by lamps plugged into socket outlets. Now the question would be how do I install a fan with that type ceiling?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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