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      Unregistered-Andy in Iowa

      I have a home built of cedar. It was stained white when it was built in 1990 and not stained or painted since. I am intent on painting or staining. It is in sorry need of painting or staining as much of the bare wood is showing through. Question 1; do I paint or stain. Question 2; Do I prime with a oil based stain Question 3: then do i stain will a latex based stain.
      Any advice?

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      You have many choices. The color and finish determines the best product for this application. If painting, a stain blocking acrylic primer and 100% acrylic finish paint in flat or with a satin sheen is best. If staining, you can use semi-transparent oil stain if the color, grain and texture of the wood is important; or a latex solid stain if an opaque finish is desired. No primer with either stain products. You have to decide what color and finish is desired, then the best assistance to match that desire is available at the professional paint stores (i.e. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams; Kelley Moore etc.) Don’t forget to ask for preferred customer discount card, usually good for about 20% off retail.

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