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      I am laying burber carpet in my living room, the dimentions are 12×18. I have never laid carpet before and was wondering if someone could walk me through it. I think once I get started I will be ok but I am concerned about cutting around the edges and also making sure it is stretched enough, any help would be appreciated.


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      Just had a new commercial carpet (Patchcraft by name) installed in our home. Immediately it started to ripple. Had it restretched and it is still rippling. Does anyone know what might cause this. What should we do? Sieka

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      I have a rental house in “fair” condition.

      Do I dare lay “new” carpet over the existing carpet?



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      Patricia Hilbig

      In the home we recently purchased, our bedroom carpet continued into the master bathroom. I pulled up the carpet in the bath and replaced it with vinyl tile. How do I finish of the carpet where we cut it at the doorway?

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      larry foster

      how is the process done to join joints with the
      carpet tape and the hot Iron
      thanks larry foster

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      Charlotte Clark

      Would it be wise to lay new carpets over old carpets? The old carpets are about 25 yrs, old and the carpet layers say that it would be extra cushioning? But, would they eventually leave an odor? Would it be best to have the old carpets removed, or what?

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      how did it go?

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      don blackwell

      tim this is a few things i would tell you about berber. most burber are very stiff. i hope you have base boards up. you will need a power streacher a knee kicker a wall knife a carpet knife a tucker. you should not any thing to seam with unless it joins another carpet in that case you need a seam iron and seam in tape and pro.seam sealer. make sure you are careful not to mess up the walls trying to lay the carpet out. you will need help with this i asure you. go to local supply store ask for help burber is not the type carpet you want to start to learn with. heat is very important to relax the carpet once it is layed out. i suggest it be very warm in the room for a few hours to relax the carpet. the pad is also a ferm pad is usually best for burber. as how to streach the carpet depends on does it have a patern in the burber .my best advice is find a professionl installer to do the job it will pro save you money.

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      Jerry Saepoff

      What problems might be encountered if a new
      carpet is layed over a new builders grade carpet
      with a good quality 7/16 pad under layment?This is
      over a concrete slab,in a new home being constructed located in
      the Las Vegas NV area.

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      On a tight budget and planning on laying my own stair carpet, would appreciate some helpful hints!!!

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      Ron Tucker

      I saw your site. I have been a carpet layer for over 36 years. I have specialized in very high end installations, and many imported products.

      I offer a booklet that explains how to install carpet in basic terms, using pictures and diagrams. You can see my product on carpetlayingguide.com.

      I hope it will help you.
      Ron Tucker

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      I just went to get a price on getting my steps carpeted, why are each step so costly? Is it really that hard to carpet steps?

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      Tom Metz


      I’m trying to lay new carpet on concrete floor.

      I find infomation on the internet but nothing for

      lying carpet on concrete.


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      What did you find out in laying your carpet?

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      Tim Cloud

      I haven’t laid carpet in over a year and need to put some down in my basement. I was looking for some refresher tips I could use to help the process go smoother. We are using burber carpet so I need to know about the tack boards to be specific but a whole refresher would be helpful. Thank you.

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      would like some information on removing and installing carpet on stairs that are straight no curves and how to go about to measuring.

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