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      Do I need a carpet stretcher to put carpet in my bedroom? Unsure if this carpet is stretchable or not, how do i tell?


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      John Parisi

      I was a carpet installer/repairman for eighteen years. My motto on my card was “If I can’t fix it, it’s time for new.” The proof of a Master installer is knowing the right thing to do, the wrong thing to do and when to do them. A good install is all about ascetics while maintaining a good installation. If you have any questions about installation you may contact me and I will give you the answers.

      And the answer to this question is, if you want the carpet to last more that a year or two you must stretch the carpet or it will wrinkle or wear badly in the traffic areas of the room. Also remember the foundation of a good installation is just that, the foundation. Good padding is as important, if not more, than the carpet you buy!

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      I would like to know step by step instructions on how to install carpet please. I could not find anything on the net on how to install carpet. please help me!! Thank You!


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      Jose Reyes

      I need to install carpet in only one room. I would just like to know what i need and if you have a video on how to do so. Thanks for your help. Jose

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