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      We just built a new house with 18×18 porcelain ceramic tiles on the main level of the house.
      The builder’s flooring contractor laid 2 different colored tiles and it now must be redone. I know what it’s like to remove a tile floor (NIGHTMARE OF A MESS) and they are insisting on laying the new tile over the new existing tile.
      I had never heard of the possibility of doing this until I started researching it.
      While I have read it can be done, somehow I don’t feel good about it. My obvious concern is how well it will bond and stay bonded.
      Anyone have any good info for me on this?
      Your help is appreciated!

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      Laid a new bathroom floor over old one about ten years ago and have never had a problem,

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      Hi Sixsticks,
      I have also tiled over old tiles and it turned out great. The main thing is the correct adhesive for tiling over a smooth surface. A good friend of mine is a professional tiler he told me it would be fine to tile over tiles, both floor and walls. He said that’s what a lot of professional tilers do.

      If the doors in your new home have already been hung you will most likely have to have some timber shaved off them.

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