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      Pam Marquardt

      We are remodeling an older home, and the bathroom was the last room we’ve done. We are having problems with mildew and water stains setting in under the caulk around the tub/shower liner area. We have tried several types of caulk, and tapes, but it still sets in again. Any suggestions would be appreciated–we are using a vent/fan system already.

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      Pam, sounds like maybe the water is finding another
      path under the tub. Is the joint between the wall
      and tub well caulked? How is the bath surround
      constructed? You can use caulk with a mildewcide,
      but the mildew is really a symptom of moisture
      where there should be none, especially if it is
      behind the caulk. If you have access to the
      underside of the bathroom floor eg. via crawlspace,
      check it for signs of dampness.
      PS. Most people don’t run the fan nearly long enough;
      I doubt this is the problem, but a humidistat control
      would eliminate the possiblity.

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