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      Looking for some advice re: the cleaning and sealing of brick flooring. Previous owners turned a breezeway into a mudroom. We blew out the wall and incorporated this room into the kitchen as a dining area. How do we go about sealing this floor from the inevitable food/beverage spills? Will need to be cleaned first – with acid? These bricks are beautiful, a lot of white in them – appear to be old, maybe taken from an old building or something as the house is only about 30 years old.
      Thanks in advance!

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      Craig the mad bricky

      There are a variety of good sealers,consult your local masonry supply dealer or hardware that caters to professionals and ask for the apropriate product from a company called”Thoroseal” they have several finishs from matte to high gloss,any acid cleaning should be done on a previously wetted surface and the product should be detergent based(Vanatrol,Varaclean,etc).Scrub well and avoid getting in eyes! A shop vac and fresh water should be used to remove acid and dirt before it soaks in. The floor must be dried completely for sealer to work! Dont forget to use a lot of fresh water to clear out the shop vac if you want to keep it after the job.
      Sealers can be easily and neatly apllied with a sprayer available at most building and home stores.For specs on commercial sealers visit my site and peruse the indexes for architects and builders.

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