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      Andrew E. Schwartz

      I am considering the purchase of new construction
      in NJ. It seems everybody around here uses cinder
      blocks for foundations. In CT., where I grew up,
      poured concrete is used for foundations. Could you
      contrast the two? I would be interested in cracking,
      leakage, ability to repair (if necessary), etc.

      Should I insist upon concrete or will cinder blocks
      be fine. I was told that the cost isn’t much
      different. Thank you.

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      John Giuliani

      Andrew Depending what part of Jersey you live consider
      Superior Wall Pre-fab foundations.They are concrete studs
      factory built and set in palce in about 4 hours. As a
      distributor for Nascor, a pre-fab EPS foam panel
      system here in Pennsylvania I recommend Superior Wall
      to all my clients. Contact Glen Leaman at 610-286-9112
      or Mel Zimmerman at 800-452-9255. I have done houses
      in Cinniminson and Delran using both systems. If you have
      any questions contact me at 610-489-7535 or E-mail

      John Giuliani
      Nascor Building Systems of Pennsylvania

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      Block has superior compressive strength,natural insulation,easier to repair and improvements are easier later on Best of all it gives you finished basement walls needing only paint.As with any project,require that the masonry be done with Union Bricklayers to insure the best quality and performance.Also have the contractor pour a suitable particulate insulation into the empty cells in the block and the R-factor will increase dramatically! an option only available to hollow core block.——http://members.techheadnet.com/ctalley/

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      Sonny Kinsey

      Just wanted to know if anyone knows if I will need steel I beams to jack up a house 28 x 50 house that sets on the dirt. I want to put in a footing and block foundation. I am a master plumber retired

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      Danny Kendrick

      I’m going to start an add on to my house, I’m going to make an carport with a second level above for 2 bedrooms, I need to know what books can I find that will tell me how to do the foundation.

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