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      How do I replace the belt…I can’t find how to access the area where the belt goes!

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      Kenmore 80 Series what – a clothes dryer?

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      ** Kenmore 80 Series **

      I’m afraid that is not enough information to identify the washer model you have. It’s like saying you have a “deluxe” GM car.

      What is needed in the complete model number *off the appliance’s model and serial number tag*. You can find tips for locating that tag on your appliances in the ‘Repair Parts’ section of my site lined at the bottom of the page.

      ** How do I replace the belt… I can’t find how to access the area where the belt goes! **

      Is it a belted model? Not all are.

      IF it is actually a washer model with a belt and it was made by Whirlpool (the most common manufacturer of Kenmore washers), you can read how to change the belt at the following link. It is a BIG job on that washer design.

      LINK >

      Dan O.
      The Appliance Information Site

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      Belt came off would like to put a new belt on how is this put back in

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