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      Steve , A while back you told me how to set a toliet
      down without cracking the ceramic tile under it, and
      your info worked. I did 3 ceramic tile bath floors in
      the house. The first 2 toliets re-installed cracked
      the ceramic tile after the bolts were tightened. Before
      I started to re-install the 3rd one, you told me to
      check for leveling, shim, tighten, sit on it, rock a
      little, then tighten again. As I said your info
      worked,and the ceramic tile did not crack. so I thought
      I’d pass the “how it worked” feedback on to you as well
      as belated thanks! Carl

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      Moderator, Steve

      This is what we all work for its worth more that if we were paid. My pay is the feeling that you accomplished a job well done.

      Have a nice Easter

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      Brian Smith

      The hardwood floors will be either carpeted over or have tile laid. I have an old pier and beam house to rehab. I need to ensure that the floors are level, but i’m running low on cash. I don’t want to have the professionally leveled unless i just absolutely have to. I would appreciate any advice on the subject and what materials would you use.



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