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      Phil Bavaro

      I have a leak coming from my bathtubs overflow drain

      If I remove the coverplate for the drain valve handle,
      and allow water to flow inside there, my ceiling
      below will show leakage signs.

      My questions are:

      How does the overflow inlet connect to the tub drain
      plumbing and what can be done to seal off the leak.

      Is there a good internet information site which
      diagrams this plumbing connection?

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      sounds like you may have to cut part of the ceiling out to expose the problem, if you dont have an acess panel that gives you room to work on it from the front of the unit/other side of the wall. i`d suggest putting a decorative access panel on the underside when you get done. good luck.
      p.s. have seen `drip pans` put in after the fact, to catch any future minor leakage and allow it to evaporate w/o doing more harm below. i don`t like this because of the moisture it allows to collect between the joists. in an older/not tignt house, this souldn`t be a problem.

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      Some are solvent welded solid and some use a slip connection with gasket and nut like you see under the lavatory sink. Sometimes the gasket needs replacing. There is also a rubber gasket between the tub and overflow pipe.

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      The overflow valve is not securely attached to my bathtub so when the water went through the overflow valve, it caused water damage to the ceiling below. What do I need to do to fix this problem.

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      Mr R Stables


      just brought a house full of plumbing problems,

      The overflow from the tank is leaking not sue what the cause is?

      also my shower has a very weak spray ?

      a answer to these would be very helpful.

      Thank you


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