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      Chris R

      I recently had to repair a few loose tiles in my bathtub
      stall area, and regrout around them. I followed the grout instructions
      and yet the grout cracked? Any ideas where I went wrong? The
      brand I used said nothing about misting, so I did not mist.
      The tub is our only one, so it had to be used daily
      but the tiles and grout were sealed in plastic to keep
      them dry during the prescribed drying time.

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      Ray Vaughn

      Hi Chris;
      There could be a coulpe of problems that could cause this. Fist you may have just gotten the grout to wet or thin when you mixed it.

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      Jay J -Moderator

      Hi Chris,

      If you ‘mixed’ the grout yourself, perhaps you didn’t mix it properly? Or, the grout dried too fast? Or, you used the tub too soon and didn’t let the appropriate drying time to take place.

      If there’s a ‘problem’ with scheduling the use of the bathroom, you could always send everyone away for a day to the in-laws, or something. In my house, I schedule this type of work (unless it’s an emergency) for when the Mrs. and the 5 year old ‘go away’ (on a Mom+Daughter weekend, or something.) This way, I have plenty of time to ‘screw up’ if I need it.

      Re-read the directions all the way around, and see if anything comes to mind. In any event, be sure they’re followed, including the curing time. My best to ya and hope this helps.

      Jay J -Moderator

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      What Ray said I think hits it on the head.

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      trish s

      my ceramic tiles are set very close together making it hard to remove all the old grout. can I regrout over old grout if it is sound and tight and has been “roughed” on the surface?

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