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      I am replacing the bathroom sink faucet, as well as the pop-up drain. How do I remove the old pop-up drain base? It’s pretty well rusted/stuck in the porcelain sink. Help please!?!

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      you should find the linkage for the pop up drain. Un do all the linkage and then remove the metal dowel going into the drain pipe. There is a colar around this nut and when you remove it, the internal linkage will come out. Then you just put the new back per instructions.

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      Jack Adair

      I have a new Bathroom sink and top, of the Corian type. There is a seperate overflow drain in the front of the sink that requires an attachment tube to the pop up drain. I can’t understand how this is installed, I guess I need some type of a drawing of picture. Can anyone help?

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      Alastair Markham

      I am trying to remove the pop up drain from my downstairs bathroom. I am having a problem removing the pipe that attaches to the bottom of the sink drain. From what i can gather, the nut is such that nothing i have used has been able to grip it. There doesn’t seem to be a lot to grip on to. Is there a special tool that i need to use to loosen this?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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      I want to know what’s wrong with our bathroom faucet/sink. One morning it just stopped working. No water is coming from the faucets. I checked the on/off valve and it seems fine. Please help!

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