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      So our bathroom shower basically sucks. We have no pressure in there and it takes almost an hour to fill the tub for kid’s baths. Showering is Horrible, it takes forever to rinse the soap off no matter what shower head we buy.
      Aside from that we now have a new problem…
      With in the last month Water has begun to come out of the faucet while the shower is on and most recently water actually comes out of the hot water handle when you turn it on no matter shower or bath..
      Any idea on what are causing these things to happen??

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      Sounds like you have low water volume and soft water. For the water volume, it could be that you are using too small diameter pipes to supply water, or there is a constriction or water-saving device.

      For soft water, you may want to bypass a water softener if it is in your system.

      Since there are multiple potential causes, its hard to make suggestions without further details. Is the plumbing accessible? What size pipes? Is the faucet/control accessible and able to be replaced? What water pressure do you have in the house? Are you on municipal water supply or a well? Is there a softener in the system?

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