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      sondra peterson

      I would like to know how to eliminate the black mildew stains on my ceiling in the bathroom.

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      Mark Crescitelli

      Hi Sondra,

      Nasty looking and irritating, isn’t it? Well, without knowing the particulars of your bathroom layout, I can offer some general advice…

      The may reason for mildew formation is condensation and temperate climate. Both of these condi

      tions occur when moisture is trapped and allowed to remain on surfaces. Since you mentioned that the mildew is most noticible on your ceiling, the most common cause is warm air rising after a shower or hot bath.

      The first, and easiest remedy is to

      open a bathroom window and allow the condensation to evaporate. (Assuming you have a window and security isn’t a problem.) If you don’t have a window, I strongly suggest you have a bathroom vent installed. This electric fan can be retrofitted into al

      most any layout, and will eliminate the climate which the mildew thrives on. If you already have a vent fan, a new fan can be installed with a higher CFM rating. You may also consider repainting the bathroom gloss enamel with a mildicide additive.


      od Luck! Mark

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      I had the same problem with my bathroom when I moved into
      my house. I painted the entire bathroom with Killz, which
      is available from any home or paint store. I have not
      had a spot of mildew since then.


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      I have tried everything to stop my bathroom ceiling from forming drip spots after taking a hot shower, the water drips off the ceiling leaving dark brown spots every where. I have installed an exhaust fan, cleaned with special products, painted with kilz, primed the ceiling before painting and nothing is working. Please help.

      Thank you, Denise

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      Charles Burgen

      I recently installed new walls and tub covering (1yr). All puumbing connections were inspected for leaks before closing. My question is how to get rid of the mildew that keeps geting larger between the sub-floor and the top of the vynal. I tried to kill it with streight bleech but it didn’t even lighten it.

      Thank You

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