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      I have a Sears infrared quartz radiant heater. Sears
      can no longer provide replacement parts. All I really
      need is one quartz insulator tube to fix it. Or does
      anyone know where I can purchase a comparable heater.
      This has been an excellent heater!!!

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      quartz co., ltd.

      Dear Sir,

      Are you interesed in our production,
      milk white quartz tube for heater.


      Haiwang Quartz Products Co.,Ltd.
      113 Heping West Rd. Donghai County, Lian Yungang City, Jiangsu Province,China.
      Tel 0086-518-7228381
      Fax 0086-518-7222577

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      F. Rasmi

      Dear Sir

      For number of years we have Imported Opaque Quartz tubing to manufacturers Christmas figurers by blowing up the pipe with air by the mouth.

      We wish to extend our present range of models and should be glad if your company kindly requested to provide me with on offer for supply of Opaque quartz, Tubing Doped with cerium quartz tube, tubing Doped with Titanium Quartz tube glass from diameters 6mm up to 24mm, 150cm long.

      The characteristics of these glasses are also required give the information of his product to different pipe Glass.

      You’re faithfully

      F. Rasmi

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