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      Leon Berman

      Does anyone have a good tip for getting the angles right when cutting new baseboard moldings? If all my walls had a perfect 90 degree angle, this would be easy – I haven’t found one yet and I want the molding to match up on the corners and look like a professional job. HELP I’VE WASTED TOO MUCH WOOD!!!

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      Leon, get a protractor, the kind with two arms that
      you can lay along the walls to measure the angle.
      Read the angle & devide by 2.

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      Bruce M

      Hi Leon:

      JT offers a good solution.

      Another idea.
      Get a sliding T-Bevel. This has a wood or plastic base and a sliding arm that can be moved to any angle (when you hold one, you will see what I mean). Put the wood base up against the wall and move the sliding arm until it lays up against the angle made by the inside or outside miter edge of the piece you will be cutting to match. Then lock the arm in place, go to your power miter box, put the T-bevel base against the fence on the saw and move the blade until the T-bevel arm lays right up against the saw. Now you have the correct angle for cutting your matching baseboard.

      Best wishes

      Bruce M

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      Herb L

      Leon – Forget the miter joints when installing baseboard molding, Use a coped joint. I’m not sure I can explain this but here goes.. Cut the first piece to run wall to wall with plain old square ends and nail it in place. Take the second piece and miter cut one end at 45 degrees. (You can probably use some of the pieces you’ve already cut.) Use a coping saw or jig saw and carefully cut along the front edge of the miter cut. This will create a profile that should butt up and match the molding perfectly. Nail this piece in place and continue around the room coping one end of each piece. It takes a little practice to make the cut but this is a perfectly acceptable method and is much more forgiving than a mitered joint. You’ll see coped joints used in many older homes. I’ve got a Time/Life book “Working with Wood” that shows how to cut this joint. It should be available at your library. Good luck with your project. Herb

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      Gilles Lavigueur

      In making 5 inches baseboards, is-it important to make a
      recess in the back of it. Is-it to prevent it from
      worping and if yes, what are the standers to follow?

      Thak you.

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      I will be installing baseboard in my basement prior to installing the carpet (berber). The floors are cement. How high off the floor should the baseboard be to allow for the carpet?

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