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      We are building our own pool and we are at the point of the finish coating. We do not want Diamond Brite or Marquisite, prefer a pebble finish. What are the name brand options other than Pebble Tech?

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      Jay J -Moderator

      Hi ZOOM101,

      Every rare once-in-a-while, someone who knows something about swimming pools ‘shows up’ on the Forum to answer questions such as yours. I wish I knew someone who could help you more directly.

      In any event, a gentleman named ‘Hugh’ a short while back recommended Hydrazzo. I don’t know anything about it so I’ll let you look into it. He left this link, Pool Spa, for a previous Poster. Maybe these folks can help you.

      Also, I did a WEB search and found Pool Finishes. Companies that are mentioned regarding pebble finishes are: Transtec Inc. in Pass Christian, MS. ALso, there’s CASTART by NatureScapes in Tucson, AZ. And about half-way down the page at Pool Renovations is info about Pebble Tec. There’s also a finish called Pebble-Crete.

      Maybe you need to get Pool and Spa News Magazine. (Check out the ‘Articles Index’ on the left of the page. You may fine more on what you’re looking for.)

      HOpefully, I’ve gotten for you what I call ‘a good start’. My best to ya and hope this helps.

      Jay J -Moderator

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      Can you tell me what is the disadvantages of Hydrazzo pool finish ?

      Thank You

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      WE are in the process of finishing a pool and considering Pebbletech. We have found that a color is extra to the price.

      Do you know what the cost is to add a color for a 35×15 size pool would be. We were told $600 and that seems steep given the cost already for pebbletech. Isn’t is just a color adative?

      Thanks for any insight you can bring.


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      Henry Schauder

      Is it possible to install pebble tech over

      ceramic tile in stall showers.

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      Joe Williams

      what is the best way to rub out any discoloration or staining on a pebble tec bottom pool – also I have a Hayward pool sweep but it has a lot of trouble getting around on the pebble tec surface even after cleaning the filters, what do you suggest?

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