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      I have a shallow pitch roof 4/12(?) which is trussed.
      Is there any to to re-engineer the truss to get more storage space in the attic?

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      John 2000

      Hi”, Rob, dont mess with it, or you may have a problem,
      the truss has been made for that roof,if you start to
      cut and fiddle with it, it could come down on you,
      The only thing you can do is to replace all the trusses
      but have them made by a company who has an engineer,.
      then replace them……John 2000

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      Jim Karol

      My contractor is building a bonus room over our

      garage. He intends to use 2×8’s for the floor joists.

      The span is 16-17′. I intend to put in a 1000lb

      pool table. He’s aware and told be the floor won’t sag. Will 2×8’s will be adequate support

      for this span and load?

      Thanks and regards,

      Jim Karol

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      Elizabeth Walker

      I am working on a geometry project for roof truss’s and stuff, and I am not having any luck finding what I need. E mail me any information.

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