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      How much of a health hazard is it to remove asbestos shingles? Can I do it myself, or do I need to hire a specialist? If I do it myself, where can the shingles be dumped? How is the disposal fee determined?

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      You have a couple of problems.
      First, the shingles have to be removed by a
      lic. Contractor, because you will never be able
      to dump them on you own. If the shingles are still
      fully intact there is no hazard, the best thing to
      do is place vinal siding on your house. If the
      shingles are looking bad get them off asap, espically
      if you have young children. Asbestos removal
      costs are run by two factors one, the labor to remove
      the material, and then the very expensive dump
      fee for the shingles.

      Good Luck!

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      Karen Dietrich

      How can I purchase some to replace missing ones so I can paint my house?

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      C. Nobles

      I have several new bundles of asbestos siding – shakes – shingles – new – from the 40s 0r 50s . Is there a market for them ? Can I sell them ? If so what are they worth

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