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      Dee Hackett

      I live in south Georgia and I need to find out if it is legal for me to remove the shingles from an old (60 or more years) storage shed, or do I need to hire a contractor? Please help!

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      Local regulations vary, but in most places residential removal is not regulated, and I am not aware of any regulations that prevent homeowners from removing these materials from their own residence. Residential removal of non-friable asbestos cement siding (transite) by the homeowner is not regulated under either EPA’s NESHAP or OSHA regulations. Asbestos containing waste disposal may require special packaging and labeling. Regulations governing asbestos removal in Georgia can be found at http://www.state.ga.us/dnr/environ/rules_files/exist_files/391-3-14.pdf.

      Georgia regulates asbestos the same as Federal standards. Your home is not a facility, and unless you hire a contractor to remove the asbestos, none of the operations associated with removal or disposal are regulated under state law. If you hire a contractor, the disposal is regulated.

      If you plan to do your own removal, I recommend you contact the landfill or waste disposal facility to determine their requirements for receiving and disposal of asbestos cement siding. You may be required to wet the material and wrap it in 6-mill plastic or labeled asbestos waste disposal bags. These precautions avoid unintentional worker exposures at the landfill and allow the landfill to comply with requirements that apply to them, even though your removal is not regulated.

      If you have more questions, regarding the regulations or safety, feel free to ask.

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      I have purchased a home on the virginia coast and have a too small garage that I want to tear down and enlarge, covered in what I believe is asbestos siding. Does anyone know if it is legal for me to remove the shingles myself?

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