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      An individual wants me to repair some water damage on her house. The house is 50 – 60 years old and has asbestos shingle siding, some of which will have to be removed to do the repair. If I am careful, I can probably remove most with no damage, but doubtlessly one or two will get broken and a couple are already missing. Do any firms manufacture non-asbestos replacements for these old shingles? What I am looking for is 12X24″ with a wood-grain vertical embossed texture. I know that Hardie makes a slightly similar shingle-style panel, but it is too different in appearance and thickness to use for this application. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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      doug seibert

      I’ve got a 1920’s house that was resided with asbestos shingles…..

      Mine are hung from Aluminum nails……I can only cut the nails …..they resist “pulling” and only snap off in the hard old siding…….

      Here’s your “replacement” Link……

      “…measure once…..cut twice….throw that one away and cut a new one….”

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