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      Matt in NJ

      I am thinking of putting in a new Janitrol hot air furnace. Any info on the quality of these?

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      Search the board using your Find in Page function. Use the keyword “Furnace”. There are several posts under “Furnaces and Central Air” posted on 6/30/99. One of them states the following:
      You will find a lot of differences in opinion in this one. Here’s mine.

      Trane and Lennox are very good. Lennox can be hard to get parts for depending on where you live. Bryant is
      cheap version of Carrier. Carrier is OK but not at same level as Trane/Lennox. The J in Janitrol stands for Junk.

      I don’t know much about Williamson or ThermoPride.

      As far as AC goes, Carrier is a good money maker for service companies. And you get to decide whether
      Puron is the coolant of the future or not.
      I gamble I wouldn’t take. Don’t let Carrier scare you with the auto AC comparison.

      I’d go with Trane. Let the flames begin.

      This is only one poster’s opinion. I do believe however that Janitrol is JUNK.

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      Mike from Homeworks

      Hey Matt,

      I’ll second the opinion with Ron. Spend a few extra bucks and go with a Trane. I had considered Lennox, but the parts issue came up. Had the whole Trane system installed in my own home. Very pleased with it.


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      ciro s sinagra

      who are they made by and are they a good unit.?
      never heard of em. how old is the company

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      Looking at all types

      They seem to be a good unit. Most of the service calls I have had are do to the way it was installed. I think the term Junkitrol is just like comparing to different types of auto makers. Some like them, others don’t. Find someone you can trust and have them install something they can service for you. Most of my customers Have different ideas. I try do what they like.

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      M. Crawford

      We just had a heat pump installed. It’s extremely noisy.
      am waiting for the first electric bill. The heat pump seems
      to run a lot. Never had a janitrol before and probably
      never will again. I sure never want another heat
      Good luck with yours.

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      I am considering installing a 3.5 ton Janitrol Heat pump. The installer will give me a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. The unit I am looking at is a 12 seer, scroll compressor for $1700. The installer has been in business for 15 years. I met him at my church. He highly recommends janitrol over carrier, trane, rheem.
      What am I missing here.
      thanks for any response.

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      Janitrol consist of the same compressor as all other leading brands, it is a copeland. It uses the same type of a-coil as all other leading brands. For anyone else who reccommends Ruud or rheem a/c units needs to analyze theses units. These units have a coil that has two types of metals copper, and alumminum. These two metals form a reaction against each other called electralasyis. Janitrol is the second rated air conditioner in the united states. They usually consist of a ten year parts and labor warranty. they also consist of GE motors, which so does Trane and Carrier.

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      BILLY F


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      What is the prices on janitrol furnaces?
      p.s Send me the email prices if you have any.
      thank you very much

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      Lawrence Smith

      I have read through the list above. I am shocked to see so many complaints about the janitrol furnaces and central air units. I believe all you people have had the problems that you say you did. The only explanation I have for all the failures is that you must have had them installed by a fly by night. Or someone has chosen not to upgrade the ductwork to today’s standards. Check out the link on my web page at http://home.neo.rr.com/applianceman/ called is your ductwork adequate. Is your ductwork sized anything like this? Or is it the little ductwork from the 60s? Lawrence Smith. Smith’s heating and cooling

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      The one in my house was installed in 1970 and has never even been serviced but it still works. It is getting rusty on the inside so I am thinking o replacing it, but other than that, it still runs.

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      Robert S. Rogers

      I have a new Janitrol setting in my shop. I’m getting ready to install it. The factory website and company e-mail help has been great. All HVAC manufactures have good products as called for by law. I work as a fire fighter and have seen alot of different heating units cause problems. The large majority of these problems are from being installed wrong to poor maintinance. I would recomend calling a good repair person to fix my furnace before calling it junk. Also an E-mail to the factory explaining your problem may be helpful. http://www.janitrol.com/products/gasfurnaces.html
      Also, do a little home work, http://home.neo.rr.com/applianceman/.rr.com

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      I have sold many different brands of heating and cooling equipment in my 20 years as a hv/ac installer and repairman. I have pulled out many different brands of furnaces with bad heat exchangers and other problems. If you know what you are doing when installing these furnaces they will last a long time. Janitrol as well as the others. Your ductwork must be proper. The older furnaces had very simple controls and a heat exchanger like a Brinks truck. They also cost about a third more to operate. I install Janitrol furnaces all the time and have no problems with them. The trick is knowing the equipment. Lawrence Smith, Smith’s Heating and cooling

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      Tammy Stiles

      We have been in our house seven years and have been through two air compressors and had problems with the inside unit also.

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      jim dinnebeck

      can you please tell me where I can otain
      a replacement copy of the installation and
      operation of my Model GMP-075-3 furnace. Any
      help will be appreciated. Thanks

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      Leslie Perryman

      The builder installed a Janitrol in our new home in May 1997. I have not had the first problem with the unit, but then again, we have “air care” maintenance performed on it (like an oil change for your car) every year. The only gripe I have is trying to find a filter to fit it. Any suggestions?

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      I don’t know which furnaces that all these people are calling junk. we purchased a 80,000 BTU gas furnace in 1996 and have never had any problems with it. I would like to know exactly which furnaces people are having problems with.
      We are moving and are considering putting one in our new house.

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      Al DeMatteo

      I have installed, tested and started new equipment made by Carrier, Trane, Frigidaire, Lennox, Ruud, Rheem, York, Comfortmaker, Janitrol and several others. Janitrol is considered by most in my trade to be substandard. I am inclined to agree that Janitrol is not in the same class with Carrier or Trane and a few others, but I have seen Janitrol hold up fairly well in severe coastal climate conditions. I would have to rate it at somewhere between fair and poor.
      Al DeMatteo
      HVAC Technician

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      I am trying to find parts for an old Model UCC550-55

      Help !!!!!

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      I had a Janitrol furnace installed 7 years ago. In that 7 years, the ignitor had to be replaced at least 4 times, the blower needed work at least twice, and for 6 years straight, I’ve had to call my installer every winter to fix this and fix that. Currently, the middle burner of my 5-burner rack is not fireing properly, and there was a crack in the firewall. It was sealed, BUT…not very well. The sealant burnt and left a black blob of crud above the burner, and the stupid thing still doesn’t fire right! Just a few days ago, it started rattling loudly every time the blower goes on–keeping everyone in the house awake at night! The fire inspector examined my furnace and told me that it’s a Carbon Monoxide problem–not to mention, my gas bill is now between $150 and $200 a month! When I replace my Junkitrol, I’m getting a Lenox or Williamson, or something that doesn’t cause us so much grief! Trust me, People, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING ANYTHING JANITROL! They are a P.O.S.!!

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      About 8 years ago we had both a Janitrol furnace and A/C put in. We had nothing but trouble with coolant leaks on A/C from the beginning. We had A/C replaced in 2000. The furnace was no problem until 12/2000 when it started not coming on. We had to manually turn it off and then back on to get it to work. This has gone on for 2 years. No one seems to know what the problem is. We found that if we turn fan from auto to on for a few seconds and then back to auto, furnace comes on. Works fine when A/C is used. Any suggestions?

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      Darrell Grudziecki

      Janitrol and Goodman are the same. From what I’ve been told, these are popular with rental property installations. They are supposed to be less expensive, but length of service is likely an issue.

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      John Wilkinson

      Has anyone any insight into why a pilot light con-stantly goes out. A new thermocuupler has been installed. Is there a sensor or positional wire problem?

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      Has anyone heard of a gas(pack)ac? How does it operate? What is the history?

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      LD JOEL

      A furnace and air conditioner is only as good as the company that installs it. Make sure that who ever is installing it is putting the right size unit in. The only problems we have had with JANITROLS are units the have been installed improperly. Don’t assume that because you have a 100,000 BTU furnace now that you have to replace it with a 100,00 btu unit. The company should be do a heating and cooling load for the house to be sure you are getting the right size you need.

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      As a service tech. of 20+ years I see about all the brands. Janitrol simply put is the cheapest heating product money can buy. My advise to any one shopping for new equipment, save a few more dollars and buy Carrier,Bryant or Lennox. You pay for what you get. Dont forget, Service Techs. charge about on average $75. per hour.

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      My horizontal janitrol in my attic is not firing up. The fan comes on but the elctric start is not happening. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be?

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      I have an older Janitrol furnace that has an extremely short cycle. The blower will only stay on for about 7 seconds at a time. It is currently 45 degrees here and the whole house already feels cold. Any ideas?

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      Paul A. Hayes

      I have had my Janitrol furnace and AC for over tens years now and have no complaints. I had a problem the third year it was in with the heat exchanger and Janitrol shipped me a brand new one and covered everything to fix it. I would not hesitate to purchase their products again.

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      David Neff

      I have a janitrol furnace about 6 years old. It is a high efficient model. Should it have a pipe going outside for fresh combution air? The reason I ask is becouse I have had a bad humidity problem ever since it was installed.

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      I have had nothing but trouble since installing a Janitrol dual-fuel unit and have been relying on company that installed unit-they have had to replace blower motor, several circuit boardsand numerous other parts. As I write this, I am without the use of the heat pump-on emergency heat since before Thanksgiving-kinda defeats the purpose of purchasing this expensive piece of junk. If anyone knows of any recourse,legal or otherwise,please let me know. The last I talked to my installation co.-they said that manufacturer would not return calls.

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      need to match the correct wiring on this system to work with the rheem system.not even a licensed ac tech can figure it out.

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      Bill Taylor

      We recently purchased a home with a janitrol heat pump system. The air comes out of the vents with such force that they rattle and shake. It sounds like a jet! Any comments on what might be causing this?

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      We purchased our Goodman unit PCK030-1 and it has been installed less than 2 months and we have had it serviced 3 times. Last Sunday it blew up we awoke to fire alarms and smoke filling our house. My husband ran downstairs to turn off the power and the breaker was red hot but did not trip. The service man replaced the fan motor and that did not help, he replaced the thermostat and that did not help, he replaced the time delay relay (TDR) and the new relay was defective also. Has anyone else had problems with a Goodman elctric self- contained (packaged) air conditioning unit with an add-on heat kit? What brand of electric package unit is recommended? Would appreciate your help! Thanks!

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      We purchased our Goodman unit PCK030-1 and it has been installed less than 2 months and we have had it serviced 3 times. Last Sunday it blew up we awoke to fire alarms and smoke filling our house. My husband ran downstairs to turn off the power and the breaker was red hot but did not trip. The service man replaced the fan motor and that did not help, he replaced the thermostat and that did not help, he replaced the time delay relay (TDR) and the new relay was defective also. Has anyone else had problems with a Goodman electric self- contained (packaged) air conditioning unit with an add-on heat kit? What brand of electric package unit is recommended? Would appreciate your help! Thanks!

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      My friend bought a new Janitrol furnace in 1996. She now has to have the heat exchanger replaced. The warrenty covers the cost of the heat exchanger. The company that installed the furnace is charging her for the shipping costs and labor totalling $400.00. I think that is crap and would not recommend anyone buy from Logan Heating and Air. I think they should cover shipping and come on $400.00 for labor. Isn’t that about the price of the heat exchanger itself…..

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      Clark A. Hughes

      Can a Honeywell 24″ universal 30 millivolt thermocouple serve as a replacement for a Janitrol ‘Super’ furnace. Model#19-080, Serial#1465 5 Thank you

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      My wife and I are having a house built. The builder uses Janitrol. Should I consider using another brand? I have read a lot of the above messages, good and bad. Now I’m really confused. I have a Lennox heat pump system now. I’ve been pleased with it. I did have to change the indoor coil due to a leak and replace the defrost timer relay. The system is 11 years old. All sytems have problems at some point. Thanks for your reply.

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      I’ve been installing Janitrol equipment since 1984. My first was a 3Ton in my mothers house. It hasn’t needed any service. As far as Furnaces are concerned. If you do not maintain them meaning filter changes. The heat exchangers do not last a quality filter is important. No matter what brand Furnace it is. If the filter does’nt let the required amount of air pass the furnace will cycle not letting the house come up to temperature. the best furnace filters that I have experienced are the 3M filters if you require a pleated filter. Any thing else is too restrictive. Or the old reliable Facet filters anything alse is bad and your asking for trouble. Speaking from experince. So the Furnace is as good as the guy installing it.

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      The equipment is inexpensive and for a reason – complete junk.

      I have a four year old heat pump (inherited by marriage) and we’ve spent more on repairs than the origianl cost. Parts are under warranty, but the labor is the killer – not to mention the aggrevation!!!!!!!!!!

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