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      My water heater issue maybe quite common to some, but it’s completely new to me. Then again, I know nothing about water heaters to begin with. My problem is that I only have a very limited amount of hot water. I have to space out the hot water usage. For example, no dishes until three hours after everyone in the house has taken a shower. When there is five people in one house that can get pretty chaotic. There is approximately 10 minutes of luke-warm water before it becomes freezong could. It then takes a few hours to warm up again. My water heater is about two-three years old. What do I do and how do I fix it. I’m a single parent, so I don’t have the money to hire an expert.

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      First have the heater checked to make sure that the DIP TUBE isn’t broken, which can provide only the top water for a short while. Also have the heat source checked to see if it is functioning properly. Also, make sure there is a flow limiter to 2.25 gallons in the shower head. If after it is checked and proven that all is good there, it is a small heater, less than 30 gallons, the amount of hot water can be increased by adding a water heater or installing a new one. FREE heat/cool right-sizing

      Yes, you really have to find out the MAKE and MODEL to get good answers. There IS more than one machine made.

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      first go to the hot water heater and see on the top of it where the pipes go into the how water heater . One side is marked hot and the other side is marked cold. Make sure the cold water going into the heater goes into the spot marked cold. Cold water going into the side marked hot means you are dumping cold water on top of your hot water therfore cooling it off before you ever get any. Let us know if thats not it and we can help you somemore.

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