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      A while ago I bought a new Battery charger thru Sears internet..When I got it the charger Did Not Work I took it to my nearest Store in Cherry Valley Illinois and was told that they would pay me back for the charger but I have to eat the shipping and handeling. It’s not like I ordered the wrong one!! And we all know the shipping and handeling is a money maker..They told me that the internet is not part of Sears store alto they returned my money for the charger.. I seems to me certain things just don’t add up there anymore. Awhile ago I used my new hammerdrill for the second time and it burnt out(in the middle of a project) and they wanted to send it away to get it fixed. After arguing with manager I did get one off shelf ans was able to continue drywalling….anyway ..your comments?

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      Buy Makita or DeWalt if you don’t like Sears. I used to only buy Craftsman tools but now I buy whatever brand is most convenient.

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