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      i cannot seem to find the anode rod on my “bradford white” hot water tank, i have well water and the sulfur,iron, smell wont go away. My question is i was told to remove the rod but as i said before, i cannot find the rod. Do i have to take the top off and disconnect everything or is there something i dont know about. help me please.

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      it should be on top of tank it looks like a hex bolt.however i don’t think that is the problem especially if cold water is smelly also.

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      The anode rod is located within the hot water discharge fitting on the tank. It sure would have nice for BW to locate a separate port for the rod!

      Turn off the cold water inlet, open a hot water faucet, remove the hot water outlet-union and anode coupling. What you will be left with is a 3/4″ NPT port directly into the top of the tank.

      Replace anode using plumbers sealant on all pipe fittings, and reinstall discharge line.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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