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      Sandra Hunt

      Interested in finding a source for the kitchen flooring
      featured in the Chicago Carriage House program last nite?
      “Bricks” were actually shaped wooden tiles sawn off beams
      and installed with a rubber adhesive and a sawdust/oil
      base sealer grout…Any help appreciated.

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      I too am interested in any and all info I can come up with
      for this wood brick style flooring. how to install,
      mix grout, stain and seal.

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      I been hopeing to see an answer to the inquires that have been posted. I am a very new user and may not have the knowledge of where to look for the answers, if any one has been able to locate more info please post an update. Thanks and Happy Holidays to my fellow ” Do it your selfer’s”

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      I am interested in installing a cobblestone wood floor in my living room. I need to know the steps in installing it on concrete. I also understand that the wood needs to be dry. Is this correct? I have very little access to older dry wood. Does anyone have suggestion on where to find older dry wood in Southwest Florida? There aren’t to many old barns for the taking around here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      debbye Eubanks

      it seems this is an old web site but i have never heard of wooden brick flooring and i would like to see what it looks like and what it is. could you e-mail me a picture of it with an explination of what it is.

      thank you


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