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      Marc Leroux

      I am looking for a ¨country-looking¨ finish for the 200′ driveway to my cottage. If I remember correctly, one of *** ****’s projects included a driveway finished with asphalt and pebbles. Where can I get the specifications for such a pavement?

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      Ana Maria


      I had my driveway stamped with a mixture to make it look like bricks. Parts of my driveway are now pitting and the company I used is no longer in existence.

      Would anyone know anything about the mixture and the sealant I need to use for this material, and where can I get it? I would like to patch my driveway before winter arrives.

      Thank you,

      Ana Maria

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      My church is having a major repaving happening.
      What products are available other than asphalt
      or concrete, in other words, “green.?”

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