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      Elena Brase

      I am building a pretend fireplace with no vents. I don’t know if the interior of the box needs to be steel or if I can install brick caps using mortar. I don’t know how hot these fires get and what will be sufficient for the interior of the box. Can anyone help? Thanks

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      Harriett Ray

      Hi Elena,
      I bought my daughter the same kind of logs for her
      real fireplace a year ago. I have just gotten them
      back after installing gas fired ventless logs in
      her fireplace so she has the heating benefit. (It’s
      great! She has yet had to turn on her electric
      heating system and the whole house is warmed by
      the less expensive to use fireplace!)I, too, will
      soon be building a false fireplace and using the
      canned alcohol-gel fueled ceramic logs, even tho’
      they don’t put out much heat, the fuel is very
      expensive, and the fires will be for “ambience”
      only. I will check tomorrow with the store where I
      bought the logs, and if necessary, with the
      manufacturer to get the specs for the fireplace.
      Will also check with our local building inspector.
      (You might want to check with yours.) If you’ll
      send me your e-mail address I’ll happily share
      what I find out.

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      priscilla morin

      where to buy it?

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      Hi, I have a Kerosene heater that I want to use, but I don’t have the slightest idea where to buy kerosene fuel. I also have heard of a 1K odorless or something kerosene fuel. Could you please help? I live in Seguin, Texas.


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