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      I’m adding a light fixture,where there isn’t currently one, in a newly built closet. I’ve done this before, but this time am having trouble. I have ran wire from an existing outlet to my switch and up to the light fixture. I believe that it should go from the outlet to the light fixture and then to the switch. However, the ceiling was up before we decided to put the light in the closet, so I’m trying it this way. Where the wires from the outlet and the light meet at the switch, I have two wires of each on one screw, i.e. two whites together, two blacks, and two grounds. When the light is turned off, it trips the circuit breaker. Any suggestions?

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      ……..Unless the special device allows it……..

      NEXT…..your switch connecting the black and the white wires is a direct short…….disconnect them !

      The White wires are connected together with a wire nut…….

      The Grounds are connected together….to the METAL box if used and pigtailed to the switch’s green screw…………

      the black wires EACH connect to a Screw on the switch ……….

      The Black wire is always switched…..Here’s a LINK

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      A lot times contractors will run power thru the black wire to the switch and will return power from the switch on the white wire to a junction box where the wires from other lights have been ran. Saves them money by using less wire. Check to see if one of the white wires has black paint or black tape on them. It is supposed to be black paint. This is the wire that comes from another switch and should not be hooked up with the rest of the white wires. It is hot, it has power on it!

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