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      Joe Albers

      We’ve just moved into a new house and are finding an excessive amount of dust and lint buildup, but this only occurs when the AC is operating. We see no buildup when the windows are open. We’ve received conflicting advice about filtration systems. We’ve also been told to test the ductwork for leaks that could be pulling in dust and lint from the attic. Any advice?

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      Dale M

      I see two possiblities that you should investigate. If you have a good filter in the air conditioner and it is clean, then the dust is in the ducts leading from the a/c to the rooms. If the filter is dirty, replace it and this may eliminate much of the dust that was being sucked through the system. There are many companies that will come and clean your ducts, but this can be expensive (but also sometimes necessary).
      I think that if the new filter clears up the problem, then this may only be temporary until the filter clogs again. Keep a close eye on it.

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      Pat N. Wilson

      We have lived in our current home 2-1/2 years. From the beginning we have experienced excessive dust and lint buildup on the countertops and tile floors. Our dryer is vented thru the attic. We have checked it vent pipe, cleaned the dryer lint holder religiously, installed electrostatic ac filters and an air purifier. Still we have lint & dust on the furniture and floors that requires cleaning almost daily. When I clean with a dust mop, I get at least a handful of lint plus dust. This is almost daily. I wash & dry about 5 loads a week. I am 63 years old and have owned 5 homes. I have never experienced this problem. Can you help?


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