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      Don DePriest

      I just replaced my swithes in my hall, both switches at the end of my hall turned the lights both on and off. Now 1 switch must be on for the other switch to turn the light on & off. What happened. I thought the wires were put back on the same screws.

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      Dale M

      Consult a wiring diagram for 3 way switches. There is a copy of this available at home improvement stores and hardware stores that sell electrical supplies. Be sure that you replaced the switches with 3 way and not 2 way switches. If the switch says ON and OFF on it, its a 2 way. Even my electrician did this on one of my circuits.

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      Jim Busbin


      There are several ways to approach this but first,
      I want to be sure we are talking about a lighting
      circuit involving only two switches – not more
      than two. Second, I need to know if you saved the
      old switches and third, if you do not still have
      them, do you own a multi-meter (or volt-ohm
      meter)? Also, since this is a hallway, is there
      more than one fixture controlled by these

      The problem is with the wiring on the switches.
      What will happen, at times, is you’ll replace
      each wire, wire for wire, on the new switch as it
      appeared on the old. The key in this is one of
      the three terminals on each of the switches that
      is marked “Common” or “COM”. The terminals on the
      old and new switches may appear to be the same
      but in actuality all manufacturers do not place
      their “COM” terminals in the same location. That’s
      why I need to know if you have your old switches
      or if you still have a 3-way switch located
      elsewhere in your house of the same vintage and
      manufacturer as the ones you replaced. If you do
      have another located elsewhere in the house, don’t
      do anything with it yet, just let me know if there
      is one. I’ll be glad to try and walk you through
      this problem but I’ll need to hear from you
      concerning the above assumptions and questions.

      Talk to you later,


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      Tyler Knapp

      I want to know how to 3 way wire for a school project.

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      you dont necessarily put the wires on the exact same location…..because the internal factors of the switch could be different….

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      Clifford I. Morgan

      I am putting a light in the attic, controlled by a switch, also I wanted to have a plug in the line, controlled by the switch.
      I was going to splice into a junction box and run the wiring first to the light, then to the plug and then to the switch (end of run switch).
      I cannot figure out how to wire the configuration – either the light works and the plug doesn’t, or vice versa…I need HELP..

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      I have a wall switch that controls ceiling light. It has 1 black wire and 1 white wire, plus ground. When I put a standard single pole dimmer switch in its place, I wired the 1 wall black wire to the 1 black dimmer switch wire and the 1 white wall wire to the other black dimmer switch wire. Then connected ground wires. Dimmer switch will now turn the ceiling light on and off, but it will not dim??? What is wrong?

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