LJ in TX

access to be able to get to the wire drops to the dead outlets, assuming they are coming down from the attic. If they are coming horizontally thru the wall studs from another phone jack then you will need to get to the run for the dead jack from an adjancent jack in the nearest room. usually phone wiring will contain multiple pairs of colored wires. apparently the connections from the source jack (i.e. the remaining good one) maybe bad. If you are this lucky then redoing the connections at the good source jack is all that is needed. if however, the nonworking jack is due to a break in the wire between the good source jack and the bad jack then you will need to use another pair of colored wires to send the dial tone to the nonworking jack. this is kinda complicated if you are not too handy with troubleshooting/failure isolation. see if you can locate in the attic or wall where the nonworking jacks are being fed from i.e. a connnection made in the attic or a connection made from a upstream good jack (take the good jack off the wall and see if you find multiple cable runs in that box. good luck LJ