It sounds like you did not hire a quality shop or one this has no experience.

(1) The sink is glued in place with silicone and can be taken out and placed back in. Keep in mind that silicone does not like to stick to silicone so they have to do a very good job of cleaning both surfaces after they take it out.

(2) On the seams they should have a jig for there polisher that will let them polish and in worse case hone than polish the surface. When this is done you will not feel any seam but it will still be visible.

(3) On the polishing they can dry polish any spot they missed or did a sloppy job on.

(4) The range has adjustable legs on the bottom that the technician can use to raise the height of it.

Remember just because it was a good price does not make it the company to do business with. Any (I should say most) Kitchen & Bath dealer would have no issue on making sure your countertop issues were taken care of.

If you have not paid the remainder of the balance on the granite I would get a few quotes from some other fabricators and pay them out of that.

If you need to find a good fabricator to come in and fix these issues you might check with http://www.marble-institute.com/