The other day I plugged in my shop vac, tuned it on and all of a sudden the power turned off, lights, mind you this is the 2nd floor where there is a full bath and 2 bedrooms. Part of my bedroom power does not work, the 2nd bedroom power is totaly out and so is the bathroom.

The first floor areas such as part of another bedroom but the power on the wall that connects to the kitchen does work and so does all the power in the kitchen, dining room and living room as well as the basement.

My husband went to check on the circuit to re-set but it did not work. He turned everything off, flipped all the switches and turned them back on.

He now has a circuit tester-model grt-800 and has attempted to do some testing and he sees the different lights go on, on outlets with power and those with none. Now he is stuck is does not know what to do.

How can you help us?