my home is 7 yrs old ,, the recent storm (lili) has tore up most of the asphalt shingles an felt to the deck,, my first thought was to go back with metal, since i have replacement cost added in my insurance policy they have already paid for the new shingles for the roof..but, i would prefer metal , but dang its so expensive an the contractors in this area are piling up orders for new metal, i have to wait 3 months for material that has almost doubled in price,, what to do ,, should i go with metal or is their a comparible material out their that has the same durabitily as metal,, an will last 30 yrs,, please help me as soon as possible , im fixin to try houston area for cheaper prices on metal!! or should i just use asphalt shingles again an be done with it for 7 more yrs? (my thought on metal is that it possibly wont blow off in 100mph winds like shingles an will last a hell of alot longer) my roof is 45 squares please give me your opinion on this matter.